2016 Malbec Estate Alexander Valley

2016 Malbec Estate Alexander Valley
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Winemaking Notes

The grapes were hand-harvested in the morning when the temperature was chilly and delivered by tractor to the winery in small bins, which protected the integrity of the clusters and individual grapes. The grapes were weighed and then slowly metered on to a hand sorting table. Once on the sorting table, leaves, damaged berries, and any grape cluster rot were removed from the production stream. The fruit is destemmed, and only individual berries are delivered to open-top fermenters. The destemmed fruit, which is only berries, is inoculated with commercial yeast that compliments Malbec’s aroma and flavor profiles. During fermentation, the wine is punched down 2-3 times daily for color and tannin extraction into the fermenting juice from the fermenting red grape skins. Once fermentation is complete the young wine and skins are loaded into the wine press and the skins are pressed of any remaining wine. The young wine is pumped into a tank to settle. After 2-4 days the wine is pumped off its sediment at the bottom of the tank and filled to French Oak barrels. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barrels. Once completed the wine is racked (pumped off lees) out of barrels to mix the lot together again, barrels are washed of additional sediment and then the wine is pumped back to the same barrels. This will happen two more times over the 18 months of barrel aging. Before bottling the winemaker will taste the barrels and create a blend in a proportion the winemaker feels best represents the variety and provides the highest quality blend. The new oak provides structure, sweetness, and intensity without being overbearing or diminishing the fruit character. 

Tasting Notes

Aromatics:          Fresh preserved raspberry, with hints of tamarind, sandalwood cigar, and leather.

Body/Texture:     Beautifully balanced with ripe tannins, delicate acid, and a rich velvety finish.

Flavor Profile:    Tart Berry Compote, with allspice, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon basil & cola berry.                  

Technical Data

Alexander Valley
85% Malbec, 11% Petit Verdot, 4% Merlot
Oak aging
18 Months in 100% French oak, 30% new
October 12, 2016
August 5, 2018
Alcohol %
146 cases