Fruit Harvesting

Wine grapes are harvested by hand, into small picking bins to preserve both cluster and berry integrity while allowing processing flexibility.


White Grapes - White grape clusters are loaded directly into our press; the stems allow for the fruit to be pressed gently. After settling the juice, it is pumped off the sediment, directly to white wine barrels to ferment.

Red Grapes - Red Grapes are picked cool into small bins and the fruit harvested is by hand. The resulting berries are collected in small fermentation bins. The bins will cold “soak” prior to beginning fermentation. 


White Juice - White juice is inoculated with yeast strains that match our stylistic goals. Once the yeast has been added, the fermentation is monitored closely until completion.  

Red Juice - Red grapes are fermented with their skins, which impart flavor, aroma and color. Daily “punchdowns” or “pumpovers” are performed, once the fermentation is complete, the skins will be pressed, juice settled, then racked off its sediment to red wine barrels.  

Post Fermentation

Secondary fermentation, known as malolactic fermentation, is completed when the wine is in barrels. Post malolactic fermentation, wines will be blended 2-3 times during their aging regime of 24 months.

Oak Treatment

The oak chosen for a program depends on several different factors. Using new oak provides additional flavors and sweetness to the wines while older barrels allow the fruit to shine. All barrel programs at Robert Young are entirely of French oak.


Roughly translated, élevage means “the wines education or evolvement.” This concept encompasses the oxygen, wine, and barrel toasting components which elevate a wine’s complexity.

Blend Assemblage

White Wines - White wines are assembled based on stylistic goals with a desired amount of new oak for each varietal. The highest quality lots are blended to make the most intriguing wines. 

Red Wines - Red wines showcase the estate fruit. Specific oak barrel coopers increase the overall complexity of the wines and bring different aromatic and flavor components to the blend to achieve compelling wines.