2022 Rachel's Rose

This wine is created by 6th generation Rachel Taylor, an homage to her great, great, great grandmother Rachel Young who homesteaded the Young ranch in 1858.

2022 Rachel's Rose
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/ 750 ml
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Alexander Valley
Oak aging
3 months in neutral French oak barrels
9/14/2022 – 9/17/2022
Alcohol %
Tasting Notes
Our 2022 Rose wine was made by 6th generation Rachel Taylor. Beautiful aromas of rose petals, candied cranberries, strawberry crème brulé and pomegranates. A light delicate body with bright flavors, and a crisp lasting finish. Flavors bursting with strawberry rhubarb sauce, tart plums, cranberry pomegranate juice and a touch of star anise. The is a perfect wine for summer brunches, cheese and garden vegetable quiche, watermelon, and fresh strawberries with whipped cream.
Production Notes
14 Barrels Produced
Winemaker Notes
The 2022 rosé is a direct to press rosé, which means that the red grapes used to make this rosé were harvested specifically for the rosé and pressed in the wine press as it is done in white wine production. This dry rosé is made from Zinfandel and Malbec grapes, which provide the beautiful reddish pink shade and delectable aroma. The grapes were handled in a semi-anaerobic fashion; once the fruit arrived at the winery it was weighed and immediately loaded into the press as whole clusters. The grapes were then pressed, and the juice was pumped to a tank to be cold settled. Cold settling is a process to chill the newly pressed juice to 40-50F for 2-3 days. The cold temperature helps the sediment in the juice settle to the bottom of the tank. Once this happened, the juice was then racked off the lees or sediment to 8-year-old neutral French oak barrels for fermentation. A commercial wine yeast was added that is specifically intended to accentuate the nuances of rosé. After fermentation the wine was racked off its yeast lees to a tank and then returned to the same neutral barrels on light lees for the next 3 months. It was pumped out of barrels to tank just prior to bottling.